Ingredient: Zucchini

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  • Description

Zucchini is a dark or light green summer squash.  Zucchini can grow to be very large but are picked before they reach that point.  Zucchini grow on a sprawling vine and have an edible flower as well.

  • Preparation

Zucchini can be eaten both raw and cooked, skin on or skin off.  The flower of the zucchini can be eaten as well.  Zucchini is most often used cooked.  You can steam, boil, grill, stuff, bake, fry and many more methods to use these very versatile vegetables.

  • Varieties –

There are 10 varieties of zucchini. Most commonly you will find the solid green zucchini but there are also striped, and even golden yellow zucchini.  You may be tempted by the largest zucchini, but they are sweetest and most tender when they are small.

  • Storage-

Store your zucchini in the refrigerator in a plastic bag for up to a week. Zucchini need air as to not create moisture in the bag and become slimy, so be sure the bag is only loosely tied.

  • Nutrition- Vitamin A, C, D, B-6, B-12, calcium, iron, magnesium



Zucchini and summer squash can be cut into “noodles” with a veggie peeler (those of you with spiralizers-here’s a great opportunity!)


Save your ends and seed-filled middles in the fridge. When you have enough, try a variation of scrappy pickles, such as this one by Rachel Ray!  

Recipes Using Zucchini

Zucchini Bars

You love the zucchini breads, and the zucchini muffins, etc, but these bars add shredded coconut and a light cinnamon glaze to bring zucchini to a new level! This delicious treat comes to us from fellow Springdellian Mira G’s collection of family recipes. Thank you for sharing, Mira!

Baked Zucchini Fries

You can be completely flexible here with this method of baking up zucchini fries! Simply chop your zucchini sticks, dip into your wet mixture of choice, roll in your dry mixture of choice, and bake to a golden brown! Vegan options, full-fat delicious options, and slimmed down options are mentioned here. Make it your own!

Zucchini Tian

This one is brought to us and tested by fellow Springdellian Mandy C. She found it in a cookbook that she picked up in France and has been making it ever since. It calls for gruyere cheese but Parmesan works as well. A simple and delicious one. Thanks, Mandy!

Zoodles with Ginger-Soy Marinade

Whether using a simple and inexpensive spiralizer hand tool, or fancy Kitchen Aid attachment, the beginning of zucchini season is a wonderful time to try zoodles! This marinade provides a very flexible way to enjoy zucchini noodles or “zoodles” with whatever other veggies you have on-hand. I used pressed tofu for this recipe, but you can easily make it work with meat, too.

Zucchini Crescent Pie

This simple recipe comes down to this: Pick up a roll of crescents from your local supermarket (please note this is an ingredient not on our “staples” list). Lay out the dough in a pie plate. Fill it with CSA goodness and bake.