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sugar snap peas

English Peas

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Sugar Snap Peas

  • Description-

Sugar snap peas are a cross between s snow pea and a garden pea. Their rounded  pods are edible and can be eaten whole. 

  • Preparation-

Sugar snap peas can be eaten both cooked and raw. Remove the string from the pod before eating or cooking.

  • Storage-

For the sweetest flavor use your sugar snap peas soon after they are harvested. Store the peas in their pods in a bag in the fridge or in the crisper drawer.

  • Nutrition-

vitamin C, B, K, folate, niacin

Photo by Jamie Cruz

Snap Peas (edible pod) English Peas (non-edible pod) Snow Peas (edible pod) 

English Peas

  • Description-

Also known as garden peas or shell peas, these large green pods house crisp green peas. The shells are not eatable so discard or better yet throw them onto your compost piles!

  • Preparation-

To prepare an English pea simply break off the stem and pull the string down the pod. Pull the shell apart and reveal the peas, they will easily come right out of the pod.  Boil or steam the peas in generously salted water. 

  • Storage –

English peas don’t have too long of a shelf life so use them fast or freeze them, they freeze very well!  For short term storage, keep them in their shells in a plastic bag inside the fridge.

  • Nutrition-

vitamin K, A, C, folate, iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc

Recipes Using Peas

Beef Fried Rice a la Chest Freezer CSA Goodies

This is a VERY flexible rice, today made with chest freezer ingredients including peas, asparagus and pepper. If fresh herbs are available, try basil or cilantro. Just about any CSA veggie can make an appearance here. Don’t have a wok? No worries, a skillet works, too. Make it your own and enjoy!

Alton Brown’s Shepherds Pie

Tested and approved by fellow Springdellian Holly F, this recipe differs from Gordon Ramsay’s just a bit, and includes the addition of corn and peas. If you have peas and corn in season or in your chest freezer, try this one! If not, perhaps go with Chef Ramsay’s. Either way, shepherd’s pie is a great way to enjoy your lamb!