Chive Pancakes

Hello, everyone!  Jess here. How about them chives?!??!?

If you have many and aren’t sure what to do with them, have we got a recipe for you!  First of all, you can let the chives sit in a glass of water on your table and as long as you keep changing the water (if not, it gets slimy and icky, and frankly smells horrible).  

Here are some chives that sat in water for 2 weeks on my table.  With regular water changes, the flowers that started as buds are opening!  

Here is a pic from 2 days later for comparison, you can really see the blooming taking place!

If you’re new to this blog, you probably haven’t seen the magical goodness that comes with chive flowers.  They are a little stronger than the stems, but have a lovely flavor to work with.  Scroll through our chive recipes in Veggiescope to get some ideas about enjoying the flowers!  

Tonight’s chive pancakes were tested with chive flowers, chive stems, and a combination of both.  All tests were pretty delicious.  

Following this simple recipe from the Kitchn, we replaced scallions with chives and chive flowers and had a lovely result.  

The flour dough  is really simple to make, but takes a bit of time to rest in between, so take that into account, factoring in about 1 hour of resting dough total.

Aside from the dough resting the pancakes themselves only take a few minutes on each side to achieve golden brown goodness.

They are truly better than at the restaurant.  Serve hot with a dipping sauce of low sodium soy or tamari, microplaned ginger to taste, and a few more chive sprinkles.  If you like scallion pancake, this recipe is fabulous!

What about a gluten-free option, you ask?  No worries, we’ve got you covered!  Fellow Springdellian Alissa W. tested and shared this gluten-free version with us, with great results!  Thanks for sharing, Alissa!

Feel free to share any experience, tips or comments in the “comments” section below.  If you have a CSA recipe that you’ve enjoyed, let us know over at “get in touch“.  The more recipes we test and share together, the larger our recipe database will grow!  Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

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