Crispy Smashed Red Skin Potatoes

Originally posted by Sarah – April 15, 2015Crispy Smashed Red Skins

Adorable.  Not a word I normally use to describe vegetables but these little guys are just so cute!  One of my boys is home feeling under the weather today so an easy side that won’t take much time away from our watching tv and resting together is a good thing.  Instead of mashed potatoes, so predictable, I am going to smash them and crisp them, yum.

Start by giving the potatoes a bath then straining them.  Get a pot of water going to a boil.


When it’s boiling you want to reduce the heat so the water is at a simmer, add the cute little red skins.  Let hem cook until fork tender but not mushy. Strain them and let them start cooling down while you get ready to squish them.  You will need to prepare an appropriate number of cookie trays.  First lay down aluminum foil and top that with parchment paper.

imageThen get two clean kitchen towels and lay them on the he counter.  Take a potato and sandwich it in between the towels and press down gently with your palm.

imageLay the squished potatoes on the lined trays in a single layer and let the. Cool to room temperature.


Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.  Drizzle oil on the potatoes and sprinkle with salt and any other spices or fresh herbs that sound good with your meal. Make sure you get some oil under the potato for the other side to crisp up as well.   Bake them 15 minutes then flip them with a spatula and bake an additional 15 minutes.



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