Ingredient: Scallions

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Freezing is a great way to preserve scallions for later recipes. Simply chop them…


Toss them in the freezer for a couple of hours on a cutting board, cookie sheet, or other flat surface. Then take them out and scoop them into your freezer bag before popping them back in the freezer.


The extra step of freezing before bagging ensures that your scallions won’t stick together in the freezer bag, making it simple to take in out only what you need as you need it. Never again will scallions waste!


Recipes Using Scallions

Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

This is an Anderson family favorite, perfect for when the spaghetti squash season rolls around. Soy sauce or tamari can substitute fish sauce if you want to keep it vegetarian. Tamarind paste can be substituted for rice wine vinegar as well, but the real deal is best. Give yourself time to drain the tofu and make the squash, but the pad thai itself is quick to make.

Chinese Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce

I usually don’t follow a specific recipe when sautéing Chinese eggplant, (the sooner you get it in the pot after picking the better) but this recipe is close to what I usually do. Those afraid of the “Spicy” part of the title can just scale back or omit the red pepper, the garlic flavor stands on its own with fresh young CSA eggplant. Ginger, soy sauce and black vinegar and sugar are all listed non-CSA ingredients, but don’t let not having one item stop you from making this recipe, it’s pretty forgiving and really all about the eggplant.

Farmer Jamie’s Zucchini & ‘Cado Soup

This simple recipe from Farmer Jamie takes only a few minutes to blend before an hour of chilling in the fridge. The ingredients are a bit flexible, parsley can replace cilantro, chives can replace scallion, and ground coriander can replace crushed coriander seeds. Other than that, yogurt and chili powder are the only additions you need to your farm fresh ingredients!

Spicy Bean Sprout Salad

From a fellow blogger at “Beyond Kimchee” and brought to my attention by a fellow Springdellian, this recipe uses the sprouts as a canvas on which to paint a masterpiece of great flavors. You’ll take a trip through the land of salty, spicy, garlicky and nutty. It calls for Korean chili flakes and soy sauce, but I was ok with cutting corners and using what I had in the fridge and pantry, with no regret.

Indonesian Sweet Potato and Cabbage Soup

A good one for meatless Mondays, this one uses tomatoes, garlic, cabbage, sweet potato, and onions.
You can use bean sprouts, chopped cilantro, scallions, mint and/or Thai basil for garnish of the soup, so you don’t necessarily need all of these on your farmstand grocery list to make this hearty soup. It’s thick and rich and hearty with the help of some peanut butter, you won’t miss the meat.