Sunday Night Dinner- Return of a favorite sandwich and Lemon Cupcakes

Our two families have been coming together on Sunday for years, so a Springdell break doesn’t hold us back.  I decided to bring back a sandwich favorite which I highlighted a while back on CSA365 called Asian Shaved Steak Sandwhiches.  When you find a sandwhich this delicious it goes on the list of favorites that rotate through the dinner repertoire.  I did change it up with a new dessert though, a quick and easy altered ice cream, a lemon cupcake with a Springdell honey mascarpone frosting, umm, yeah, it was good.

imageHere is the sandwich, look familiar?  I had it with pickled bok choy last time, this time I used shredded then pickled carrots and radishes, using some radishes I had left in the fridge.  At CSA365 we don’t like to see any vegetable go unloved, and sadly, my family is not one the really loves radishes.  I have discovered that Pickling radishes is a way that cuts down on the spicyness, and we enjoy them so much this way!  They add a bit of crunch and texture to this sandwhich.

The dessert was inspired by spring, fresh and crisp flavors of lemon, honey, and a creamy mascarpone cheese.  Upon reflection I thought I could have made this with oranges from the last share but I only had 2 left so that wouldn’t be enough.  I am however, filing that idea away for another time.  A drizzle of local honey makes everything better, am I right?


As you know I like to keep my family eating fresh and local when possible.  A lot of that is due to the gross additives and chemicals in so many foods these days.  I tend to stick to ice creams (and other foods) that I can read all of the ingredients from their labels.  A quick tip for a store bought ice cream, buy a quality brand in which you can understand the ingredients. Leave it out on the counter to soften it and then add in flavors with a spatula.  That way you get delicious ice cream and its much healthier!  I took a vanilla ice cream and added baking spice and local honey.  Then, put the ice cream back into the container and freeze until the ice cream is back to scoopable.



imageStart searching your pantry and defrosting your frozen goodies, we would love to hear what you are doing in between shares.  Enjoy!


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Sarah is a trained chef and owner of Whisk Baked Goods. She lives in Chelmsford with her husband and two active boys. Sarah is passionate about food, loves eating local, and cooking gluten free foods.

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