Spiced Carrot Soup

The temperature is dropping and I hear we may see some snow tomorrow!  Sounds like a soup kind of night to me.  I love to make soups, especially creamy soups.  Tonight’s soup, a creamy spiced carrot soup, has a ton of flavor with spices that I love to use.  It […]

Carrots, Parsnips, and Bacon…with a little zest

I love when you find a side dish that has a balance of just the right flavors and textures.  This dish is crunchy yet creamy, it’s salty, sweet, and fresh.  I love it.  This is done in 30 minutes, only one pan is used, and it plates as a beautiful […]

BBQ Chicken and Garlic Carrots

Tis the season and boy do I have a schedule that doesn’t seem to stop lately!  Today was no exception.  As soon as the kids were on the bus I was off and running.  You all know what that means…crock pot.  Tonight I made a BBQ chicken in the crockpot […]