Hooray! We made it!

WOW!  Its our last day of the first year of CSA365!  

It’s been a trip.  365 posts in 365 days.  We are most fortunate to have eaten wonderfully local food all year round, and to have held to our resolve to let no veggie go unloved.  Thank you for taking this journey with us.  Let’s do it again! 

A couple of quick announcements:

First, for all members of the Springdell Meat Subscription, there is an annual sale going on right now.  If your current Meat Subscription expires after March 2016 and you want to renew, now is the time!  Renew your subscription early and get a FREE month added onto your program!  Do hurry as this sale is only valid until Monday, January 4th.

Secondly, tomorrow is the launch of our new website format!  When you come back here tomorrow, you’ll find things have changed a bit.  We’ll have FAQs and videos available to give the tour.  We look forward to it!

Now let’s get to our last “Tell” of 2015!  Here we review the contents of Springdell Winter CSA Pickup #3:


We also enjoyed a Springdell Roast chicken with a rich shiitake mushroom gravy from mushrooms grown on our mushroom block from Fat Moon .  What a great week!

Hi everyone Jess here for our final tip of the year, we leave you with acorn squash. Does anyone still have some stored?  I know I do!  They are tasting mighty sweet and delicious right about now, too!  If you have an hour that you’ll be home, halve some, de-seed them and toss them in at 350.  These tender beauties will then be waiting.  


We haven’t had a “Taco Tuesday” around here in a while, so I surprised the boys.  


I ground up some Springdell ground beef with some taco seasonings (mainly chili powder & cumin). After the beef was done I added some of the scooped roasted acorn squash to the pan with the same seasonings. On the side I cooked up some black beans and corn from the chest freezer. (My boys like their veggies compartmentalized, plus it makes the tacos more fun for them to put together).  If your family doesn’t mind it all together you can save yourself a heap of dirty dishes.


Once the boys have had their fill, my other half and I mixed it all together. This is then tossed in a taco with some cheese, salsa and greens and you’ve got yourselves a party! This filling makes great leftovers for next day burritos too.

See you tomorrow, when we again resolve to let no veggie go unloved in 2016! 

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