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The “Tell” – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #3

Hello everyone!  Jess and Sarah here, ready to recap our share box of the week! Let’s get right to it!   1 Box of snap peas Sarah has them in tomorrow’s Sunday Night Dinner  Peas?  What Peas? 1 bag “field run” lettuce mix Enjoyed in a salad and on sandwiches 4 salad […]

Poached Haddock with Aromatics

This simple poached fish can be making with the fish of your choice (adjusting for cooking times as needed). It’s a great way to use those flavor filled fennel fronds (try saying that five times fast!)

The “Show” – Springdell CSA Pickup #3

Hello everyone, Jess and Sarah here.  Here’s a photo of our share today! To clarify, this is the photo Jess had trouble taking, because her littlest one kept sticking his hand in the shot to grab a pea. So here is the “reality” photo: Jess  here.  I’m not sure who left […]

Quinoa Tabouleh

This is a fresh and tasty way to use a bunch of parsley. Enjoy your tabouleh with the traditional bulgur wheat, or with this quinoa twist. Chopped tomatoes, mint, garlic, cucumbers, summer squash, red onion or scallions are some fresh and tasty variations. Best to make a day ahead to allow the flavors to meld.

The “Tell” – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #2

Hi everyone!  Jess here.  Hope all is well, I apologize for the formatting as I’m still camping and trying to blog from my cell phone. Here’s hoping it reaches you in a relatively decent format! Let’s take a look at the share box for this past week: 2 quarts of strawberries […]

The “show”- Springdell Summer CSA pickup #2

Welcome Back Springdell friends!  Today was pickup #2 of the summer CSA.  Boxes were a beautiful green color today, with a splash of strawberries!  Farmer Jamie mentioned in an email that we are kale heavy this week, but not to worry, more veggies are on their way!  Let’s take a […]