Ingredient: Fennel

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  • Description-

Fennel has two parts, the bulb and the frilly tops, or fronds. Both parts of the plant can be used.  They both have a mild anise or licorice flavor.

  • Preparation-

Fennel bulbs and fronds can be used both raw and cooked. The bulb of the fennel plant is delicious braised or sautéed.  The fronds are used as an herb in dishes, they are delicious on a salad or many raw preparations.  They can also be used in stocks or cooking bases.

  • Storage-

Store your bulbs and fronds seperatly. Remove the fronds by snipping off about an inch from the bulb.  Place the bulb in a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator.  It will keep for 3-4 days.  Store your fronds upright in a cup of water on the counter.

  • Nutrition- potassium, vitamin C, fiber



Recipes Using Fennel

Shredded Beef and Rice

Mix and match any veggies in your salads, but fennel adds a great freshness and changes up the flavor profile for a change of pace from your standard salad.

Poached Haddock with Aromatics

This simple poached fish can be making with the fish of your choice (adjusting for cooking times as needed). It’s a great way to use those flavor filled fennel fronds (try saying that five times fast!)

Oyster Mushrooms Rockefeller

Pick up some Fat Moon oyster mushrooms and this gives your fennel a happy place to rest. Caramelized onions can take the place of shallots, and anise liquor can take the place of fennel (though barely). Try it with homemade mayo!