Monthly Archives: November 2016

Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew

This peanutty protein packed soup is creamy and hearty in all the right places, and the sweet red peppers pack a lovely punch. The optional winter squash soup tureen is a nice touch if making this for a special occasion.

The “Tell” – Springdell Winter CSA #2

Hello Springdell Friends, Sarah and Jess here to chat about pickup #2 of the 2016 Winter CSA at Springdell Farm. First, we wanted to touch base with those of you that use Veggiescope here at CSA365. Veggiescope has stopped working temporarily due to a recent software update. We are working to remedy […]

The “Tell” – Springdell Winter CSA pickup #1 2

Hello everyone!  Jess here on behalf of Jess and Sarah ready to share about how we used the contents of our first CSA share box in the Springdell Show and Tell.  As you’ll see, Sarah’s been quite busy this week filling orders for her bakery, so we’ll see where her […]

The “Show” – Springdell Winter CSA Pickup #2

Hello Springdell Friends, Sarah and Jess here, bringing you pickup #2 of the 2016 Winter CSA.  Let’s take a look at what we have to work with… 2 “grab bag” dairy and drink items (Jess got half & half and egg nog, Sarah got half & half and apple cider) […]

Butternut Squash Crown Roast Adventures

Butternut squash, acorn squash and cranberries can make a creative receptacle for whatever stuffing you’d like to use in this faux “crown roast”. It’s a bit of prep, but a fun vegetarian option to the holiday roast! Be sure to read the tips at the end of this post before embarking on this culinary adventure! Thanks to fellow Springdellian Pam H for turning us onto this recipe from Cooking Light!

The best hard cooked eggs!

No, really! If you’d like to forego the chalky yolk, look no further! Try steaming your eggs in lieu of hard boiling. This method yields a creamy almost custard-like yolk. Thanks to fellow Springdellian Dawn DeMeo for bringing this technique to our attention!

Celery and Potato Soup

Got celery? In abundance? This recipe may be for you! It’s light and healthy, it’s flavorful, it’s easy. The original recipe calls for a drizzle of walnut oil which, if you have it in your pantry, by all means use it! It is not a necessity though.

The “Show” Springdell Winter Share – pickup #1

Welcome to the Springdell Winter CSA share!  We’re so excited to get this share rolling.  The winter share is unique in that it not only has fresh produce from Springdell but it also includes a dairy share, eggs, Springdell meats, and other local products.  So let’s get started with all that […]

Hungarian Potato and Egg Casserole

You won’t necessarily win any healthy rewards with this one. The ingredients are butter, eggs, sour cream and potatoes. It is, however, a rich and tasty splurge dish which is great when the potato and egg supply needs to be spent down a bit. It’s also a flexible dish, and you can add sausage or more veggies if you’d like. Delicious on it’s own or spiffed up.