The “Tell” – Springdell Winter CSA Pickup #4

Hello everyone, we missed you!  It has been a long 3 weeks in between farm shares. We have lots to cover so we’ll get right to it!  

Jess received:

Sarah received:

  • Beef London Broil
  • Beef Cube Steak
  • Ground beef
    • spaghetti and meatballs
  • Ground pork
    • Ground Pork with Noodles and Peanut Sauce
  • Sweet Italian Sausage
  • Sarah Picked up a Beef Brisket from the farm stand

Sarah has embarked on a smoothie journey for the month of January!  A smoothie a day for the whole month.  Please check out her Smoothie Challenge on our CSA365 Facebook page.  While you are there don’t forget to “like” our page.  Thanks guys!

Here’s a peek into Jess’ kitchen since our last “tell“:

Rice paper rolls are a favorite way to enjoy fresh farm produce in our household.  They are especially delicious when served with homemade peanut sauce!

Dan Dan Noodles are another favorite.  Fresh egg noodles are available at your local Asian market, and easily freezable for later use.  

I had a few extra dinner guests on Sunday morning, so I stir fried some veggies while baking up some eggs in muffin tins.  It’s a great way to ensure perfectly cooked eggs en masse, allowing me to focus on prepping the bed of veggies to order.  

I tried Sarah’s warm grapefruit steaks with my last grapefruit from Share box #3, a delicious marriage with local maple syrup and Amish roll butter.

Our specialty lettuce from Johnny Putt Farm was so pretty I almost didn’t want to eat it.  I left one on my kitchen island and watered its roots daily, while picking at the leaves here and there as I walked by.  This one lived on the dining room table, as our dining room is cold when not in use, so this lettuce was a happy camper until slowly devoured (a few leaves at a time).  I still have the little lettuce cores in water in case they sprout again!

Spiralized sweet potatoes and apple. Delicious, but if you read my saga on Facebook you might recall that I cut my finger while un-jamming the spiralizer. Hence, I didn’t make as testable of a portion as I had hoped.  Back to the drawing board with my mesh gloves on, I hope to share the recipe soon. 
Here’s a shot of my blue potatoes, getting ready to become scalloped in the slow cooker.  So pretty!An Anderson family favorite here, classic meat loaf made with Springdell ground beef and pork.  An informal sprout and spinach side salad and some buttery diced potatoes went along for the ride.We are slowly working our way through the winter potato bin, here were some roasted potatoes in Rosemary herb butter enjoyed this week.

One of Jess’ crazy lunches, mashed potatoes with a bleu cheese dressing, shredded beet and Dr. Rub’s Code Blue barbecue sauce from the farmstand.  If you like it spicy with great flavor, that barbecue sauce is awesome.  

Beef bones became beef bone broth, beef bone broth became slow cooker beef stew, and some potato and acorn squash dumplings had a great time bathing in it!

A couple of marrow bones were put aside and made into bone marrow medallions. Don’t knock it till you try it, it’s amazing!  

Some chocolate zucchini brownies made an appearance from the chest freezer, and they freeze quite well!

While I was clearing out the freezer, I also thawed some zucchini muffins. Summer is back!  

And a quick berry danish, just because.  

A pouch of deliciousness filled with ground lamb, onion and spices.

I know, it’s not pretty, but it sure is tasty!  It’s our taco and burrito filling for the week.  Black beans, browned Springdell ground beef and onions, jalapeños and purple peppers from the summer CSA swap box, summer corn, diced tomatoes, and acorn squash puree are mixed together.  Chili powder and cumin are the basic seasonings used.  There you have my go-to everything-and-the-kitchen-sink goulash!

Chocolate Chip Banana and Acorn Squash Bread.  Good times!

The bread went great with some Winter Squash Soup, made with acorns and a golden hubbard.

Finally, the beets sitting in the “root cellar” ready to be pickled

Sarah’s kitchen, GO!

Crockpot Korean Beef

Ground pork with Noodles and Peanut Sauce

Summer Corn and Sausage Chowder

My freezer was stocked with my meat subscription, we are good to go for a while now!

The huge bag of spinach this week went a long way! My house loves raw spinach so it was put on lots of dinner plates!

Our newest craze is Chia seed pudding, it is so good! As a treat we made it with chocolate milk from high Lawn Farm, Yummy!

Our fridge was packed with leftovers so on Saturday we made leftovers hash and topped it with some crunchy sprouts.

Red Skinned potato pancakes with scallions from the chest freezer and some cheese of course!

Roasted up 5 acorn squash that were becoming orange in my storage bin.

The last of my delicata squash were roasted up too!

A delicious beef brisket and onions. Tender, flavorful, one pot meal.

I roasted up a Blue Hubbard squash and used Jess’s recipe for Hubbard Squash pies, they were a huge hit at game night!

Crockpot squash…I’ll give you info on that tomorrow in the “show” post.

Until tomorrow, sweet and savory dreams, friends!

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