The “Tell” – Springdell Winter CSA Pickup #7

Hi everyone, Jess here! I thought the winter weather was behind us, but apparently not quite yet given the recent winds, snows and floods. Thankfully, during this week’s weather we’ve been hunkered down with some chest freezer and pantry supplies, along with the goodies from the 7th Winter CSA crate.  Let’s recap this week’s bounty and how we enjoyed it in the Anderson household!


Let’s sneak a closer peek at how the ingredients from the 7th Winter CSA crate of the season went to use:

This meat loaf recipe is a family favorite. When I posted it here a few years back, I referred to it as “Spicy Meat Loaf“.  Big mistake. If the word “spicy” scares you, be not afraid, simply read the writeup to see that this is really a friendly recipe for those that are spice averse.  

Roasted Beets with Sour Cream.  These are my favorite, simple and addictive.  This time around, I tried to make my own sour cream with the Tully Farms Heavy cream.  This recipe is the one I followed, but for some reason it left only about 1/4 of the jar actually thickened.  Back to the drawing board for this one, but I’m curious to hear if anyone out there has successfully made sour cream using the farm cream yet?  If so, please enlighten us, I reeeeeally want to figure this out.Sausage hash and eggs was a wonderful use for theseroasted baby reds. 

The other 1/2 pound of sausage not used in the hash went into a straight forward biscuits and gravy. Yes, alas they are store bought popping fresh biscuits. Convenience won today, but I like to believe the gravy makes it all balance out.

There is nothing like a good Springdell sirloin patty (topped with simple slices of tomato and bottomed with roasted beet) to make your day!  Baby fingerlings also make an appearance.


Here we have slices of braised beef short rib with wilted garlic spinach and roasted potatoes.  I still struggle with getting the cook times right for these ribs. Though the ribs feel done after an hour or so, having them go longer (while slow and low) is better because this helps to break down some of the fats and collagen, making them tender rather than chewy.  This is at least the theory. I ended up with chewy this time (90-ish minutes) but will cook them longer next time and report back to you!  

Meanwhile, this gravy was amazing.  Springdell chest freezer celery, dried thyme, garlic and onion were sautéed into this pan and as the short ribs braised in beef bone broth. The broth cooked down while the ribs were braising, and the gravy had a scrumptious and concentrated flavor in every bite!

Here’s a slice off the pork chine roast, pre-gravy so you can see the cut.  A pork chine is like a bone-in loin roast, (with the bone being the chine, or backbone).  These roasts are great for stuffing, but tonight I went with a simple slow roast.  While the roast was resting on the cutting board, I sliced the last of my potatoes into rounds and roasted them right in the pan drippings. Chunky applesauce from the pantry rounded out the rest of the meal. 

If you have yet to sign up for a Summer CSA, now is the time! It is such a wonderful way to eat locally and support sustainable farming practices. There are some Summer CSA openings available at Springdell right now, simply contact Farmer Jamie to ask about the “packet” and select which share option is right for you Sizes vary from “Single” to “Mega”. I’d love to plan menus, provide support, share ideas, and cook with you over the summer! My mission and passion is for the CSA/locavore lifestyle to be accessible to everyone!  Meanwhile, it’s been a long week as I’m sure it has been for many of you as well!  Until tomorrow, sweet and savory dreams! 

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Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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