Ingredient: Cream

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What to do if you have too much heavy cream and you aren’t going to use it for anything?  Whip it into whipped cream with a tiny bit of sugar or maple syrup to sweeten it, and a dash of vanilla if desired.  

In this photo, we made the whipped cream right in the bottle and cut the top open to serve. Genius!

If you are in a rush, pour your ingredients of choice directly into the bottle and shake until it becomes whipped cream!  Don’t shake too long or you’ll make butter (though there’s nothing wrong with that, either.  

Recipes Using Cream

Farmer Jamie’s Baked Cucumbers in Basil Cream

This is Farmer Jamie’s suggestion, from Farmer John’s cookbook. It’s a tasty departure from the cool cucumber, as this one spends time in the oven. Delicious when the basil and cukes are both popping in the fields.

Grandma’s Corn Chowder

A Springdell Farm recipe from Farmer Jamie! Bacon ends are a perfect item for making chowder…especially for those of you who have some corn in the freezer from your summer share.

Sweet Potato and Apple Cobbler

This recipe from Southern Living provides a tasty and unique use for apples and sweet potatoes. There are several liberties that can be taken with the ingredients (I used half of the called for refrigerated pie crust, none of the orange juice and much less of the sugar, for example). A dollop of freshly whipped cream really brings this one home!

Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust

This recipe has many flexible ingredients, what you put in as a filling is up to you! A mandolin slicer is great for slicing the sweet potatoes evenly, making for a tastier crust.

Creamy Turnip Soup

This is a simple and very flexible recipe. Leeks can be easily subbed for garlic scapes, shallots, or onion. This soup has a buttery flavor that develops even more if reheated the next day. The stock is quite flexible as well (I made tonight’s batch with ham hock liquid). It’s creamy and sweet buttery qualities would lend themselves to all kinds of toppings, such as tender lobster or crab. Thyme also works as a garnish. Make it your own and enjoy!

Asparagus and Potato “Cake”

This was the result of a creative moment, but I have no regrets about the way it turned out! Potatoes and/or sweet potatoes provide the starchy middle that keeps things together, and the asparagus provides the springy gimmick. The rest of the ingredients are pretty flexible, so make it your own and have fun!

Whole Wheat Biscuits

This simple recipe is a wonderful use of the whole wheat pastry flour we see in our Winter share boxes from time to time. In lieu of buttermilk, I use 1 cup of cream/milk mixed with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice (after letting it sit for about 5 minutes, it’s ready). Great with stews, or topped with blueberry sauce and whipped cream for dessert!

Irish Lamb Stew

This one was a great use of lamb stew meat, adapted from Irma Rombauer’s classic The Joy of Cooking. The use of potatoes as s thickener for the stew is brilliant. We all loved it at Sunday Dinner, even the non-lamb-lovers at the table! Also included is a link for whole wheat biscuits, which I highly recommend as an accompaniment to this stew.