Ingredient: Coffee

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imageMuddy Water Coffee is a locally run coffee shop that is the brainchild of coffee aficionado Tim Van Sipe.  He was passionate about his pursuit of a delicious and high quality coffee, and after roasting his own beans for the first time, he became hooked and never looked back.  Just one sip and you’ll understand why this freshly (no, really) roasted coffee is taking the caffeine scene by storm.  I can’t wait to pep up my mornings with Muddy’s Buzzkill Decaf!  


Recipes Using Coffee

Chocolate Orange Cookies

Scroll down past the salad for the dessert recipe. This recipe calls for dutch process cocoa powder, which makes a difference compared to regular.

Spicy Sloppy Joes

Serve on buns or hearty bread! Though the recipe says “Spicy”, you can always take out the jalapeno and make it milder. (My two year-old eats this, it’s not too spicy). You can also make it more spicy by adding extra jalapeno or chiles.