Ingredient: Knockwurst

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In the Winter of 2017, Springdell Farm began working with Nowack Meat in Connecticut to process three new meat items to be sold at the farmstand- Kielbasa, Knockwurst and Frankfurters! 

There are two meat processing farms in Massachusetts, one is Adams Farm in western, MA.  The second is Blood Farm, only a few minutes from Gibbet Hill where our beef cattle resides.  A couple of years ago, there was a devastating fire at Blood Farm that started in the smoke house, and thankfully, they were able to rebuild.  The short ride from Gibbet Hill to Blood Farm is a lot less stressful on the animals, making the process, from start to finish, as ethical as possible. 

The beef went from Gibbet Hill to Blood Farm where it is processed, quartered and tagged with the name of Springdell Farm.  The meat then heads to CT to Nowack Meat in a refrigerated truck before being made into the wursts and franks.  The processed meat selected for the products is “prime”.  The difference in taste is unmistakable!   

One thing to keep in mind is the difference in the packaging you’ll find between the products from Connecticut and those from Blood Farm. Bloods uses white butcher paper, which is great for blocking out the light from the meat, allowing a long freezer life.  Nowack Meats in CT has a cryo-vac packaging that is thinner and more susceptible to air exposure and freezer burn if handled inappropriately.  We recommend wrapping the packages in foil (or butcher paper, if you have it) before putting it in your freezer, especially if not using the products right away. This will ensure a longer freezer life. 

The natural hog casings on the meat make for a thick bite, and if you’re not used to natural hog casing, it can seem a bit rubbery if boiled or steamed.  A great method is grilling over medium heat with a close eye until it comes to temperature.  This will give your products a good pop to the bite without it seeming too rubbery.  The natural casings are able to breathe (compared to the artificial casings) and this allows the smoky flavors from your grill to permeate the meat, making it an ideal cooking method! 

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