Ingredient: Mint

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Since we cleared out some large pieces of land I was looking to plant some mint because I know it spreads like crazy and that is what I’m looking for. Also, I love mint! I found a great list of 30 ways to use mint and I’m looking forward to trying many of them out this summer. Here are a few that looked good to me:

Boiled with sugar and water to make mint syrup to sweeten drinks
As a garnish for summer drinks like lemonade
In place of some or all of the basil in pesto
Steeped with boiling water for fresh mint tea
Added to green smoothies
For mint iced tea — steep mint in boiling water with sugar or honey, then chill
Chopped and tossed with roasted potatoes, olive oil and salt
Frozen in ice cubes for a pretty drink presentation
Added to salads
In mint butter
In cupboards and drawers to repel ants
Blended with lemon juice, vinegar and a light oil for salad dressing
Mixed with olive oil for a marinade for the grill
Simmered in homemade hot chocolate
Chopped and added to salsa
Used to make homemade mint ice cream

Be sure to check out the whole list, here is the website.

Recipes Using Mint

Tomato and Cabbage Tabbouleh

This one is from Bon Apetít and was quite a lovely use for those ripe red tomatoes and head of cabbage. It’s a seasonal trifecta as the mint in the PYO herb garden is usually at peak just as these ingredients are rolling through the share boxes. It can be adjusted easily for gluten free or paleo diets.

Strawberry Rhubarb Mojito

The flavors of the summer season culminated to bring this fabulous cocktail to the table! The rhubarb simple syrup really is simple, and especially satisfying if you’ve saved your rhubarb peels in the freezer for this purpose! If you don’t want the alcohol, simply forego it, and you’ll have a nojito!

Slow Cooker Lamb Shanks

If you’re not sure about lamb, give this one a try! If you like lamb, well, then you already know this one’s gonna be good. It’s an easy peasy dinner, just press the button and leave your mutton!