Ingredient: Herbs and Flowers

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Fresh herbs – I use this one all the time. I LOVE the Springdell herb garden. You pick the herbs from the garden, chop them up and put them in the cubes. Add oil and freeze. Remove the cubes and put them in a ziplock. Don’t forget to label them with what herb they are. I also like to do herb combos that I know I use together a lot for pasta sauces etc.

Simple syrup – I make a simple syrup out of equal parts sugar and water. Heat until the sugar has dissolved. You can freeze as is and just pop a cube into a beverage or you can steep the simple syrup with herbs or flavors too. I love to use mint from Springdell and let that steep. I let it sit in there until the syrup is cool, strain out the mint, freeze and I have cubes to use in my iced tea. Delicious.


Herb butter is a great way to preserve herbs over the winter months.  Check out our recipe for it!


Recipes Using Herbs and Flowers

Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells with Browned Butter and Sage

This is a lovely way to enjoy your butternut squash over the winter. The rich marriage of squash with that herb-infused brown butter makes for a hearty and flavorful meatless stuffed shell. The bacony-crisp of the sage leaves are reminiscent of makes for a perfect garnish, while the amount of cheese involved is entirely flexible (I’ve used nutritional yeast in place of the Parmesan in a pinch.) Roasting the squash before mashing really brings out the sweet and nutty flavor of the squash, a step not to be skipped for full-effect, though you can roast your squash up to 3 days ahead of time as needed.

Butternut Squash Risotto

Submitted by fellow Springdellian Kathleen Spaeth, this scrumptious dish can work as a side or a main, depending on how you want to dress it up. Be sure to read through and prep your ingredients before beginning, as it’s one that needs a bit of well-spent attention during the cooking process. Enjoy!

Farmer Jamie’s Baked Cucumbers in Basil Cream

This is Farmer Jamie’s suggestion, from Farmer John’s cookbook. It’s a tasty departure from the cool cucumber, as this one spends time in the oven. Delicious when the basil and cukes are both popping in the fields.