Ingredient: Rib Steak

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There are generally 7 ribs to a side, and these can be cut into roasts or steaks with or without the bone.

The Rib Steak is basically a Delmonico cut with a little extra goody attached, namely the rib bone, a little extra tender meat, and a flavorful layer of fat.

You can grill this up, pan sear it, or sear it on both sides then roast it in a preheated oven. If it’s a thicker steak (2 inches) I recommend the latter method as the surface of your steak is more likely to burn before the middle is cooked. The oven cooks the steak more by circulating the hot air rather than the contact with the hot pan. Not to mention, you can catch the flavor in your pan from that nice layer of fat allowing you to whip up a delicious pan sauce.

Whatever method you use, let your steak rest for 30 minutes at room temp before it hits the heat of your pan or grill.  

Recipes Using Rib Steak

Springdell Rib Steak with Shallot and Parsley Pan Sauce

The Springdell Rib steak is basically a Delmonico with a little extra meat, fat and rib bone. This makes it the ideal candidate for making a savory pan sauce. I used parsley, but rosemary could be added, or experiment with other herbs as you see fit! Simple sides such as wild mushroom rice, sweet potato carrot mash or sautéed spinach make great accompaniments!