Ingredient: Shallots

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  • Description-

Shallots are a variety of an onion. They are pointed and pear shaped with a thin papery covering.  Shallots grow in clusters, the bulb section of the plant is what we use in our kitchens.  Shallots have a more mild flavor than their counterpart, the onion.

  • Preparation-

Remove the papery outside covering of the bulb and discard it. Shallots are treated just like you would an onion.

  • Storage-

The best way to store shallots is in a paper bag with holes punched in it for the shallots to have air circulate around them. Without the air circulating they will sprout and mold.  Do not store them in the fridge.

  • Nutrition-

Shallots do not have any substantial nutritional value, they are used mostly to flavor dishes.

Recipes Using Shallots

Springdell Rib Steak with Shallot and Parsley Pan Sauce

The Springdell Rib steak is basically a Delmonico with a little extra meat, fat and rib bone. This makes it the ideal candidate for making a savory pan sauce. I used parsley, but rosemary could be added, or experiment with other herbs as you see fit! Simple sides such as wild mushroom rice, sweet potato carrot mash or sautéed spinach make great accompaniments!


Chimichurri is a great sauce or marinade for many meats. It’s a nice alternative to pesto, and though it involves jalapeños, it’s very accessible on the spicy scale. This version makes a ton, so get ready to freeze some or pop it on everything you make throughout the week. Either way, it’s great stuff and I hope you think so too!