Recipe Types: Salads

Iceberg and Cabbage Slaw

Another one from our friends at Bon Apetít! A different use for cabbage and leaf lettuce from the farm (I ignore the iceberg part). Its easily adaptable, sugar or vinegar can be added to taste if you like it sweeter or more tangy.

Tomato and Cabbage Tabbouleh

This one is from Bon Apetít and was quite a lovely use for those ripe red tomatoes and head of cabbage. It’s a seasonal trifecta as the mint in the PYO herb garden is usually at peak just as these ingredients are rolling through the share boxes. It can be adjusted easily for gluten free or paleo diets.

Green Mermaid Rolls

This is delicious for avocado lovers, sushi lovers, CSA adventure lovers. For the vegan version, leave out the pea tendrils, garlic and crabmeat. For the salad version, leave out the sheets of nori. Let your taste buds sail with the fresh and yummy flavors of the land and sea.