Ingredient: Avocado

Green Mermaid Rolls

This is delicious for avocado lovers, sushi lovers, CSA adventure lovers. For the vegan version, leave out the pea tendrils, garlic and crabmeat. For the salad version, leave out the sheets of nori. Let your taste buds sail with the fresh and yummy flavors of the land and sea.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup

From fellow food blogger Sherri at “To Simply Inspire”, this recipe has done just that! A healthy and hearty soup for sure! If you need to cut some time, microwaving the sweet potatoes instead of baking them helps, as well as sautéing the pepper and onion directly into your pot before adding the beans and broth. If going olde school, use 4 cups of homemade veggie broth in lieu of the carton. I served with avocado, lime wedges, and a dollop of sour cream.

Farmer Jamie’s Zucchini & ‘Cado Soup

This simple recipe from Farmer Jamie takes only a few minutes to blend before an hour of chilling in the fridge. The ingredients are a bit flexible, parsley can replace cilantro, chives can replace scallion, and ground coriander can replace crushed coriander seeds. Other than that, yogurt and chili powder are the only additions you need to your farm fresh ingredients!