Parsley Smoothie

So the parsley was used this past week to top off some pasta, but it was gobbled up before I thought to snap a photo for you.  The rest of the parsley was used to make a veggie juice.  I think I have already posted a juice for you, and I’m positive this is not the last.  Parsley and other herbs, I especially like basil, can be used in juices and smoothies to add another dimension to your drink, and also for nutritional value.  After all, it is more than just a garnish, it’s the worlds most popular herb!  Just to name a few, parsley is a great source of vitamins K, C, A, and folic acid.

I used it for a bit of brightness in my juice.  Here was my combo today:


 Carrots, cucumber, gala apple, celery, Springdell spinach, and Springdell bok choy.  Not in the photo, funny enough, is the parsley!  Oops.  I also added about an inch of fresh peeled ginger.

imageThere you have it, green, fresh, and deliciously nutritious.  (Side note, look at all the onions I have to use in the background!)

When you juice you have the pulp leftover in the juicer.  I have a friend, an avid juicer, who uses the pulp to make muffins!  I haven’t been that adventurous yet but when I am you can be certain I will share it with you.  Until then this pretty pulp…..

imagewill be gobbled up by my compost pile.


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