Meatballs with Ginger Ale Sauce

Tomorrow is the day!  The first Springdell Winter CSA pickup of the year.  I am so excited.  This is always a great pickup because Jamie so nicely sets us up for Thanksgiving.  Can’t wait to check it out tomorrow! For tonight I used up my last package of Springdell ground […]

Quick Moroccan Chicken, CSA Style

Hello everyone, Jess here.   Tonight we had yet another complete transformation of our leftover roasted chicken! I’ve been making an adaptation of this recipe since first reading about it in Real Simple Magazine 10 years ago. The thought of peaches and chicken intrigued me and I loved how quickly […]

Beef Bone Marrow Medallions

Hello everyone, Jess here, again!  Like fellow locavore Henry David Thoreau, I strive to “suck out all the marrow of life”. I try to live my life like I cook- let no part go unloved. However I’ll have to admit that this is my first time cooking bone marrow on it’s own. […]