Stuffed Beets

I’m sitting here thinking about all of the posts we have done with beets this year. There have been some really good ones and some that I would tweak if I were to make them again.  One thing I can say for all of them is that they have been […]

Sunday Night Dinner – Pizza!

Tonight was pizza night, I love pizza night.  We had a gluten free pizza, a plain cheese pizza and a sausage and potato pizza.  Guess which one I plan on sharing with you tonight?  The grown up pizza of course.  Let’s take a look. Oh yeah.   I started by […]

Spinach Dip

This is one of those nights where I shouldn’t tell people what I had for dinner.  I’m sure you have all done it before.  When you get the kids fed and you forget yourself, or you just don’t feel like cooking up a whole meal, maybe you just have a […]