The “Tell” – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #7

Hi everyone, Jess here. I hope all is going well on your end, and that you are enjoying your summer, as well as these lovely summer veggies! Let’s take a look at the 7th pickup of the Springdell Summer Season.

As you may recall from the “Show” this week,
  • Sugar Plums!!!
    • Enjoyed as-is
  • Eggs
    • Egg Burritos
    • Scrambled Camp Eggs (some with grilled veggies)
FLOWER SHARE (’nuff said)

All veggie scraps composted unless otherwise noted.

It has been a lovely week! As you may recall the Andersons were on their way to an adventure in Maine, so Springdell was our last stop before heading north.

We began snacking on veggies as soon as we set up camp, including the peppers, beans, cukes, carrots and corn.

A Maine lobster was enjoyed as well.
This was an action shot of a cauliflower steak. This is the only pic I got before devouring two of these. If you Google “Cauliflower Steaks”, multiple spice options come up, pick one that best suits your taste. (Mine had a paprika cumin garlic chili powder thing going.)
The cauliflower that wasn’t enjoyed as a steak wound up in a cheesy sauce that my kids can not resist. (Ok, I can’t really resist it either.)
Another action photo this week as I pull back the towel to peek at the refrigerator pickles on the counter. These were jarred and will live in the fridge, no processing needed!
These grilled eggplant steaks were a hit with my buddies. They are so fresh, simple and quick to make, just a 2-3 minutes per side for a 1/2 inch steak.
Basil, chopped red pepper, diced Mozzarella House Ovoline and balsamic glaze brought this dish home. Fresh and so simple.
This was probably my most complicated and time consuming dish of the week, a Creamed Kale and Gruyere Gratin from Good Housekeeping (I had a bit of shredded Gruyere left to use from another recipe so figured why not?) If you have potatoes, this version is a fave.
My final onion and peppers joined Springdell Sandwich Steaks for a simple fajita. I would have included a cabbage slaw as a filling here, but after looking at my schedule wasn’t sure if I’d have time to prep the rest of my last cabbage, so I didn’t crack it open yet.
All in good time.
We tried some of the farm stand smoked gouda this week (from Fox Country Smoke House in Canterbury, NH). My oldest son took his first bite and made a noise of discovery and excitement that I have never heard him make before, something like,
I believe we have a fan of the smoked gouda. My plans to try this fondue have been thwarted, this wedge is being enjoyed in it’s current state.

I think that’s about it on this end! As always, we love to hear from you! Are there CSA veggies that are wanting attention from you and you’d like some ideas? We’ve been there and can help! Are there recipes that you’re trying and super happy with? Let us know how it’s going, think of this as your own personal veggie support group! See you back here shortly for the 8th “Show” of the Springdell Show and Tell summer season!

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Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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