The Springdell Show and Tell – Spring Jumpstart CSA Pickup #1

Hi everyone, Jess here to present you with the first pickup of the Springdell Spring CSA season! (This is not to be confused with the Summer CSA season, which will start all in good time.) Things are looking lovely, and if you’re not part of the Spring CSA, fear not, as these yummies are all available at the farm stand! I just love the deep greens of early springtime…

  • Asparagus (AKA ‘grass- always a sight for weary winter eyes!)
  • Fiddleheads (A forager’s favorite, these come from a trusted source. They love storage in a cool bowl of water after a short trim- or even better being eaten ASAP!)
  • Spinach (Bring on the antioxidants!)
  • Lettuce (Click the link for storage tips to keep this lettuce fresh)
  • Eggs (I see some omelettes, a soufflĂ© or a quiche in the near future)
Asparagus season is coming into full swing over at Springdell!
A quick and most important reminder to Springdell CSA Members- Be sure to read the white boards next to your pickup! It will tell you when there are items to take from the water (such as the “1 Bunch Asparagus” listed on this board). Don’t miss out on your veggies!
Oh, fiddleheads!!! After a quick blanch, I started right in with sautĂ©ing the fiddleheads in sesame oil. As I had the ingredients on hand, I tried Food 52’s Brown Sugar Miso Fiddleheads for an interesting a combination of sweet and savory.
I didn’t have the black sesame seeds on hand that the recipe called for, but it was still yummy and did not last long on the dinner table.

If miso, rice vinegar or ginger are not regular staples in your household at the moment, that is A-OK! The beautiful thing about springtime beauties such as asparagus and fiddleheads is that they are delicious with very little intervention. Blanch and toss on a poached egg and slice of toast, or throw some hollandaise on if you’re feeling fancy!

I enjoy pickling the fiddleheads to extend the season just a bit longer….
If you’re stumped, be sure to click on the veggie names above to be whisked away to some other fun and easy ideas, most of which can be made with items I bet you already have in your kitchen.
I spent a moment out with Farmer Jamie and her team in the field today (seen way out by the tractor.) They were working tirelessly to get some kale, chard and cabbage into the ground. I don’t know how they do it all, but I’m sure grateful that they do!
Farmer Jamie pointed out this beautiful patch of strawberries that will hopefully be the PYO field for CSA members, one of the many perks. Details will follow as Mother Nature continues to work her magic, so stay tuned!
Speaking of Mother Nature working her magic, here’s a closer pic of the strawberries starting to emerge from the flowers. Thankfully they are weathering the cold snap. We’ll check back on these beauties again soon…
That tiny dot waaaaaaay out there tending to the fields is another one of the heroes of our farm story, Samuel.

Some of you may know I’ve been compiling a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page with updated info of the goings-on over at Springdell. It’s a work in progress, but will hopefully help answer many general questions and free up the farmers to focus more on the fields. I’ll update this FAQ daily and do my absolute best to keep all the information as accurate as possible. Please note, I’m just a food blogger trying to help my farm family out, and these are unprecedented times in which sometimes the info will sometimes move even faster than my daily updates. Please also know that while general questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome here, farm-related business should go directly to Springdell. I hope this FAQ helps!

Meanwhile, have a safe and healthy week, and I’ll see you back here next week for the another installment of the Springdell Show and Tell!

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Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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