Springdell Farms FAQ during COVID-19

THIS FAQ IS UPDATED REGULARLY and is catering to answering some of the many questions arising, particularly from newer members that may not yet know how the general ins and outs of the farm stand or CSA. Please note, I am a blogger/customer and do not work at Springdell, but am doing my best to help provide updated info as I learn about it. More specific questions on the business end should be directed to Farmer Jamie at Springdell (jamie@springdellfarms.com), but hopefully this can help answer general questions and help the Springdell farmers focus on the fields. If something is not listed here that can improve this FAQ, please let me know. Thank you!

What are the current Springdell Hours?

December hours (from the farm’s most recent email):

“OPEN EVERY SATURDAY from 9:00 to 5:00 – well stocked! Johnny Putt Farm & Jordan Brothers Seafood will be with us until 2 on Saturdays.
OPEN BY CHANCE on other weekdays, weather depending. Hours will be posted “that day” on our Facebook page.
SELF-SERVE options will begin on Monday, December 7th. Select, pre-packaged & pre-priced items, milk, eggs and other simple products will be out on our self-serve display daily. AGAIN — this option begins on December 7th
FARM BOX FRIDAY will begin. Every Friday morning (by 10:00A) we will post a photo, list and price for a pre-packaged selection of items from the farm. This will be posted on our Facebook page every Friday morning. If you are not on Facebook, you can request to be added to a distribution list to be notified of this offering via email. Pick up of these farm boxes will take place on Fridays between 4:00 and 6:00PM. Payment for these will be taken over the phone and pick up will be conducted curbside, drive-up to our farm stand.”

Springdell is a farm stand that is outside, and farmers and patrons are expected to practice social distancing while at the farm. “We are only allowing one to shop our Farm Stand at a time and practicing social distancing. While lines may seem long on certain days (Saturday) from afar, please note that two registers are open and traffic is moving thoroughly and smoothly.

In addition, Jordan Brother’s Seafood is at the farm, pre-ordering is available (submitted to jordanbrothersseafood@yahoo.com by Thursday for Saturday Orders- you’ll receive a confirmation email if your order is all set ). To limit contact you can also pay ahead for pre-orders by credit card over the phone if you like, or pop and shop (cash/Credit card)

  • Saturday from 9:00 to 2:00

Johnny Putt Greens (Venmo or cash):

  • Saturdays from 9:00 to 2:00

*subject to Gerry’s work schedule, so he sometimes might be a little late

Other Vendors sometimes pop over on Saturdays, so stay tuned at the farm stand and on the blog for updates!

I am a new member and signed up for the Summer CSA, now what?

The 2020 Summer CSA is underway! Be sure to check out this main FAQ to see how CSA365 can help you work with managing your CSA veggies throughout the season.

What are some of the benefits of the Summer CSA Membership?

There are many! Click here for more details. There is a PYO field for herbs flowers, and even some veggies included in the CSA for CSA members. There is also a seasonal PYO field for strawberries (stop by the farmstand on your pickup day to get an empty container to pick with, one complimentary PYO quart of strawberries per week for currently enrolled CSA and other farm program members.) You also receive a 10% member discount (valid on fruits and veggies, eggs, and milk purchases only) on the day you pick up your farm CSA (be sure to mention that you are a shareholder on pickup day to receive your discount!)

Are Summer CSAs still open? What about the other programs (Meat Subscription, ‘Dell Dollars, or Senior Program?)

***2021 SpringDell Farm Shares are available – “Early Bird Pricing” in effect until November 15th, 2020. Different share sizes, customizable options, seasons, and pick up days — you are sure to find something that fits your eating habits and family size. CONTACT THE FARM TODAY: csa@springdellfarms.com

When can I sign up for the Winter CSA?

Email jamie@springdellfarms.com to be alerted about details for the Winter CSA for next year!

How about those strawberries?

Strawberries are part of the Summer CSA. Berries are also available for purchase at the farm stand.

One of the many wonderful perks of being a CSA member is the complimentary Pick Your Own Strawberry Field! This is available for current farm program members (including those enrolled in the CSA, Dell Dollars, Meat Subscription Members). All members are welcome to harvest one quart on the day of pickup or one quart per week when in season.

Please, no guests or dogs in the PYO field. Please always stop by the farm stand for your quart box for picking, and to determine picking conditions and availability for the day (subject to change, Mother Nature depending).

What is the status of meat at Springdell?

The status is changing with the local and national meat supply daily, please read this message from Farmer Jamie and check back for updates. Please join the Springdell Farms Mailing List (email jamie@springdellfarms.com) to be notified when meat shares may go on sale.

For those enrolled in Springdell Meat Subscriptions, you’ll continue to receive email updates with the status of your pickup. A here’s a friendly reminder to bring your own Springdell Bag on meat pickup day.

What can I find at the farmstand?

Click here for more info to help you plan your shopping list!

How can CSA365 help me?

If you are new to your CSA, please read our CSA365 FAQ, consider signing up for the CSA365 Facebook Page, or join our weekly email list. (Please note this is a separate mailing list from the Springdell Farms one). Here you’ll find some wonderful ways to help you make the most of your local food. Check out our virtual Veggiepedia Veggiescope and our weekly CSA post, the Springdell Show and Tell. I’ve been at this CSA-related blog for 6 years, and was a long time CSA member before that. So if you have never seen a rutabaga, fear not. We’ll get through this together!!!

My question was not answered here. Can you help me?
If you have a general question not listed here, please feel free to let me know (I’m just the food blogger trying to help out during a busy time), but otherwise all specific business related questions should continue to be directed to Farmer Jamie over at Springdell (jamie@springdellfarms.com). Thank you!


I try to accurately itemize everything in our share boxes in the daily posts and on the day we have a pickup.  Summer pickups at Springdell run weekly, with pickup options 6 days a week.  Hence, a Monday pickup may differ slightly from a Friday pickup. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature and must remember that there will be some variation between shareboxes.  For example, the 2015 hail storm took out some veggies that were available to CSA customers just 24 hours prior.  Covid-19 is obviously effecting many things (there’s a whole seperate FAQ for that). Farmer Jamie and the staff at Springdell are great at ensuring that though the produce may vary slightly from box to box, the value of the share box is evened out across the board.  Please note Springdell Business should be directed to Farmer Jamie (jamie@springdellfarms.com). Thanks and again, a hearty welcome to you!