Ingredient: Chicken

Poultry Pot Pie

This recipe is incredibly simple and flexible, just the way we like our recipes around here.  Whether working with fresh or leftover chicken or turkey, this recipe is a pretty basic and tasty place to start. 2 prepared pie crusts can be used, or if you have some of the lovely winter CSA grains and a bit of extra time, a from-scratch pie crust is an option. Fresh or frozen (or both) veggies can be used in the filling as well.

Chicken Liver Paté

If you asked me if I’d like Chicken Liver Pate, I’d say no way. However, I made it using a fresh chicken liver from the poultry harvest using this recipe. Night after night, I found myself sneaking out of bed for a midnight snack of this stuff, right up until the jar was gone. Give it a try, you can halve or quarter the recipe but will need a good bottle of Madeira or Port to make it. Chicken livers aren’t just for giblet gravy anymore!