Ingredient: Pork Tenderloin

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Let’s talk a bit about pork tenderloin.  It’s a scrumptious cut of meat tender as the name implies. Nutritionally, it’s a great cut as it’s very low in fat. Pan frying or roasting (at a high temp) is great, as is grilling.  You can cut the roast into medallions before cooking as well, and cook as in a scaloppine.  

When trimming off the fat, you might come across this iridescent layer called “silver skin”.  It’s good to remove it as it stays tough if cooked.  

Quickly searing the meat helps to seal in the juices prior to cooking. Cook to no more than 150-155 degrees in the center.  

A pan roast and cut into medallions is quite scrumptious.  As long as you are at temperature, don’t let the pink center be off putting, the days of trichinosis are long gone.  

This lovely cut of meat can be sliced thinly when partially frozen.  In a pinch, you can quick marinate and use in a stir fry. However, if you have the time to thaw in the fridge over a day or two and then pan roast, this is Jess’ preferred method for getting the most bang-for-your-buck tenderness out of this coveted cut. 

Pork is always wonderful with seasonal apples or applesauce!

Recipes Using Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin with a Parsley Orange Gremolata

This one calls for ginger preserves, this is the only time we use them all year. You can substitute apricot or crabapple preserves with grated ginger added in a quick simmer if you like.