Ingredient: Roast

Boston Butt, Chine, Tenderloin, Shoulder

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Boston Butt, Chine, Tenderloin, Shoulder…  There are different cuts for different purposes, and they are often interchangable in recipes with a few tweaks here and there.  We’ve decided to just put “Roast” to allow for you to be able to use what you have on hand.

If slow cooking, for example, a Boston Butt roast a less expensive cut of meat that comes out just as tender as a tenderloin.

Our recipes will include the cut of meat that we’ve used, and we hope to expand on the specific cuts a bit more here as we continue to add to “Veggiscope”. If you have knowledge to share, please get in touch, and if not, please stay tuned for more info!

Recipes Using Roast

Slow Cooker Char Siu Pork

This roast is an Anderson family favorite. It calls for five spice powder (I don’t recommend omitting), which the Asian markets carry for 89 cents as of the time of this writing. While you’re there, grab some hoisin, fresh ginger and soy sauce, and give this one a try. It’a a great way to enjoy those larger tougher (and less expensive) cuts of pork (such as Boston Butt), plus it makes lots and the leftovers are great! Serve with peas, bok choy, slivered apples, or whatever similar fresh side is in season.

Slow Cooker Pork and Cabbage Stew

Wedges of sweet cabbage cooked with pork and homemade tomato sauce throughout the day. What could be better? Pesto would also work, perhaps some fresh herbs, a splash of stock, whatever tickles your fancy. The cut of pork can be a tougher one as it will become less tough during the slow cooking process.