Arugula and Beet Salad

Originally Posted by Sarah- February 7, 2015Arugula 3 Ways


Just very recently have we been able to get our boys to eat any greens at all.  My older son recently discovered he likes his “leaves” with oil and rice vinegar, while my younger son, sticking only to raw spinach, likes his as “plain leaves”.  So, Arugula with its sharp, almost peppery flavor, at this time in our house is a grown ups only “leaf”.  I know what the boys mean, using too much arugula can be overwhelming, but used sparingly it can be really delicious.  I have used arugula in salads, sandwiches, smoothies, juicing, omelettes, puréed in soups etc.  I find it really delicious especially when it’s paired with something creamy.  

That brings me to the salad we had last night for dinner.  So simple, and so good.  There are times when people, myself included, forget how nice it is to keep their food simple, fresh, and local!  This salad was put together in minutes using only 5 ingredients: arugula, beets, apples, cranberry orange goat cheese and a simple vinaigrette.




imageYou can’t get more simple than that, and boy was it delicious, totally from my share, and Springdell fresh.


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