Cream Soda Syrup

Hello everyone, Jess here.   I was feeling a little adventurous today.  As I looked through my Winter CSA inventory, I remembered the cream soda, and before you know it, it began to feel like one of those food reality shows where they have you being all unconventional with your […]

Turkey Noodle Soup 1

OK, so how many of you are also eating turkey noodle soup tonight?  It’s not the most inventive dinner but you get why this is what we are eating.  The key to the classic turkey soup is the stock.  If you haven’t yet taken advantage of your turkey bones, now […]

Acorn Squash Side Dish

Happy Thanksgiving Springdell Family!  I hope that today, and many other days in the year, you are spending time reflecting on your life and spreading love and kindness.  This is a day to spend enjoying family and good friends.  So here at CSA365 we wish you all a very Happy […]