Finnish Turnip Casserole

Hi everyone, Jess here.  Tonight we’re taking a look at those giant turnips from Four Town Farm in Seekonk, MA. At first glance, at these gargantuan veggies, I must admit I was nervous.  The vision I held of giant turnips from my childhood usually accompanied a bitter and icky taste.  After […]

Lamb Taco Salads

I don’t know about you guys but I was pretty excited to see lettuce this week!  I know it’s not an exciting veggie, but I had been really craving taco salad.  I’m not about to go and buy lettuce from the grocery store and every time I was at Springdell […]

Beef and Pepper Potatoes with Asparagus Salad

I’m sure you know what I mean when I tell you I’m on a food kick.  I’m not sure why this happens to me, and many others, but I think it has to do with what your body needs for vitamins and minerals.  I have been on different kicks over […]