Sunday Dinner- Potato Hash and Eggs

Hi everyone, Jess here.  Wow this weekend was a whirlwind!  Karate promotions and church duties, holiday decorating and last-minute leaf raking…  Not to mention working on the new and improved CSA365 website, which I can’t wait to share with you!   I’m grateful to have found some time to take advantage […]

Egg Foo Yummy

Okay, so Egg foo Yummy is actually something that Oswald the Octopus likes to eat.  Do you know Oswald?  He’s a great cartoon that my kids love, and apparently my inspiration for this evening’s dish! Egg Foo Young is a Polynesian dish that usually consists of a deep fried egg […]

Honorable Mentions – Springdell Summer CSA pickup #16

Hello!  Another week of beautifully confusing weather, dressing in layers, and fabulous fruits and vegetables to carry us through.  It’s nice to have the “Honorable Mentions” post to share little snippets from our share boxes.   Here is a look into Sarah’s kitchen this week: It’s all about preserving the […]