Monthly Archives: February 2015

Citrus, Hope for Spring 4

Having the citrus in our shares this past weekend was like a breath of fresh air.  Peeling a grapefruit this morning with that sweet citrus smell made me think of sunshine and warmth.  So needed right now.  This has been a hard winter for most if not all of us! […]

Slow Cooker Caribbean Oxtail

This recipe is adapted from Stephanie’s version over at StupidEasyPaleo. Not overly sweet and paleo friendly, jalapeƱo peppers add a subtle kick to this not so common cut.

Slow Cooker Caribbean Ox-Tails

This week we’ve been doing some traveling to warm places through our culinary adventures.  On Monday we enjoyed Vegetarian Pho, and our tastebuds took a trip to Vietnam where the weather is holding steadily in the 80s.  On Wednesday, we visited sunny Florida for our citrus fun.  Today, we’ll be taking […]