Monthly Archives: February 2015

Citrus, Hope for Spring 4

Having the citrus in our shares this past weekend was like a breath of fresh air.  Peeling a grapefruit this morning with that sweet citrus smell made me think of sunshine and warmth.  So needed right now.  This has been a hard winter for most if not all of us! […]

Slow Cooker Caribbean Oxtail

This recipe is adapted from Stephanie’s version over at StupidEasyPaleo. Not overly sweet and paleo friendly, jalapeño peppers add a subtle kick to this not so common cut.

Slow Cooker Caribbean Ox-Tails

This week we’ve been doing some traveling to warm places through our culinary adventures.  On Monday we enjoyed Vegetarian Pho, and our tastebuds took a trip to Vietnam where the weather is holding steadily in the 80s.  On Wednesday, we visited sunny Florida for our citrus fun.  Today, we’ll be taking […]

A Springdell Twist on Shepard’s Pie 1

I have a few nights during the week that I need to have dinners that I can put in the oven and let them cook while I teach piano lessons.  This dish is great for that.  For tonight I used two of the Springdell sweet potatoes from the share as […]

Citrus A-peel

The hardest part about working with share box #8’s citrus has been to keep my boys from devouring it all before I’ve had the chance.  Truth be told, my fellow Springdellians, you probably don’t need any creative ideas for what to do with the fruit itself, as it is all […]

Apple Cider Granita

Plan on making it when you are home for the day just like with a roast or a chicken stock, except the end product isn’t a warm comfort food. Instead, it’s the perfect end to a comfort food meal.

Apple Cider Granita 1

As promised, here is the apple cider granita we had for dessert on Sunday. A granita is a semi-frozen dessert.  It’s Italian, made with sugar, water and pretty much any flavorings you can come up with.  It can be made with the flavors of the seasons, which is why I […]

Meatless Monday- Vegetarian Pho

Happy Monday, my fellow Springdellians!  Today we’ll attempt to travel to Vietnam using our taste buds, (and why not as the temperature is 82 degrees today!) I think we could all use some warming up and one yummy way to do so is with a warm pho. For those of […]