Ingredient: Clover Flowers

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A few things we’ve learned about red clover in our research.

  • Many foraging, herb, flower and cookbooks left out clovers entirely.  
  • Red clover’s latin name is Trifolium Pratense, Trifolium meaning “three leaves”, which you see often on clover plants!
  • The red clover is the official state flower of Vermont!  
  • The red clover is more purple, wouldn’t you say?
  • Red clover is a member of the legume family, hence, I would imagine, is where it gets its bean-like flavor.
  • There are not too many recipes out there being attempted when it comes to eating clover flowers.  It seems more about the extraction of the flavor from the flower.
  • Red clovers have a medicinal quality, and teas and tinctures are a popular use for them.  They are known for soothing coughs and other respiratory distress. 
  • There are precautions with clover flower use if you are pregnant, a and they have been known to cause bloating in excess.  
  • One can roll and smoke dried clover petals in an herbal cigarette.

Recipes Using Clover Flowers

Clover Mint Tea and Cookies

For this recipe I used an English breakfast tea bag, but you could use any black tea you enjoy. For the cookies I used a classic shortbread cookie, but I am curious how these would come out as chocolate chip!