The “Tell” – Springdell Summer CSA Pickup #12

Hi everyone, Jess here to chat about the 12th pickup of the CSA season! I hope everyone had a good first post Labor Day week!  Many of us have kids starting up with school and new activities, and as our lives begin their seasonal shift, so too do the goodies in our share boxes!  There are some truly lovely colors in this veggie box, and as things morph from bright greens to more of the oranges, reds and yellows, you can tell that fall is fast approaching.  

Besides the start of preschool here in the Anderson household, I was thrown a bit off my game this week with a stomach bug. Unfortunately it thwarted a couple of regularly scheduled meals, but I had received some great recipe ideas from my farm family that kept things from being a total wash.  Let’s see how things went!

  • melon

    • Sliced and enjoyed with dinners

  • zinnias

All scraps composted and fed to the chickens unless otherwise noted above.

Let’s take a quick trip through the kitchens, mine and yours!

For Meatless Monday, I had a plan to broil up some eggplant with Mozzarella from none other than Mozzarella House.  Instead I decided to try a recipe brought to my attention by Ann B., Aunt Mary’s Eggplant Balls.

Though the kids were not fooled into thinking these were meatballs, but that’s ok, more for me!  I found them to be quite delicious with some fresh tomato sauce, and they were great the next day for leftover lunch as well!  Note how the yellow tomatoes turned the sauce a bit orange, as opposed to the traditional red.  They also made the sauce quite sweet which complimented the eggplant quite nicely.

I recommend storing any leftover ones separate from the sauce so they don’t lose their shape (I never got around to flipping mine during cooking, so they look more like cookies instead of balls, but that still works!)

On Tuesday I enjoyed another recipe brought to my attention by fellow Springdellian Mandy C., Baked Chile Rellenos with Corn and Crema. Mandy had suggested substituting the crema with Greek yogurt, which worked quite nicely!  The sweetness of the corn and the subtle spiciness of the poblano created a nice balance.  My carnivore was ok without the meat in this one, though some browned ground beef or shredded chicken would have worked in here as well.

Photo by Ann B.

Fellow Springdellian Ann B. also shared a meat version of stuffed poblanos, using 1 pound of cooked sausage, 8 ounces of cream cheese, 1 cup of shredded cheddar, 1 deveined and seeded minced jalapeño and 9-10 good-sized poblanos.  375 for about 25 minutes is all it took for a one way trip to deliciousness.  Thanks, Ann!

On Wednesday I enjoyed an adaptation of a Paleo recipe from fellow Springdellian Crystal R., Roasted Peach Tomatillo Salsa with Pan Fried Halibut.  I opted for haddock from Jordan Brother’s, and took some liberties with the salsa preparation based on what I had on my counter. It was quite tasty!  Summer squash made an appearance on the plate as well.   

This is the part where we jump-cut to later in the week, as I was taken out of commission by my turn with a stomach bug. It didn’t last long, just long enough to throw me off my game.  Looks like that ox-tail will stay in the freezer a bit longer. In lieu of that postponed recipe test, I decided to share this photo of our 15×15 plot in the Westford Community Garden, where we’ve enjoyed many cukes and tomatoes started from Springdell seedlings.  What a wonderful year it’s been there! As I tend to our tiny little piece of land, I am reminded that Farmer Jamie and her crew have a plot thousands of times larger than my little postage stamp, and I’m in awe and most grateful that they tend it so well.

The sunflower shoots slated for my Ox-Tail Pho recipe ended up in a bowl and brought to a potluck dinner, along with a simple garden salad (stacked just under the shoots bowl). The shoots were a very popular item at the potluck and many people asked where to get them!  

Photo by Dawn DeMeo

Fellow Sprindellian Dawn DeMeo shared this lovely recipe from Cooks Illustrated for Sautéed Corn with Black Beans and Red Bell Pepper. It’s flexible, colorful, and delicious!

The apples are coming the apples are coming! I’ve been busy updating the varieties on Veggiescope, and hope you’ll find the latest info there to be helpful. 

That’s about it from my end this week!  I know I’m behind getting a lot of these recipes archived into the Veggiescope, and hopefully you can bear with me as I find my stride.  (Or is it bare with me, or bear with me?  I’ve never been sure…)  Anyhow, thank you so much for reading, for sharing your ideas, asking great questions, and otherwise being a part of my farm family. It’s truly a pleasure to take this culinary journey with you!  See you back here tomorrow for the 13th pickup of our 2017 Summer CSA!


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Jess Anderson is the creator of CSA|365 and is passionate about the local food movement. A long time member of Springdell and a busy mother of two, Jess loves keeping her family fed by honest local food.

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