Ingredient: Honeydew

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  • Description-

Honeydew melon is a summer fruit with a smooth pale skin surrounding a sweet pale green flesh.

  • Preparation-

Melon is usually served raw but it is delicious on the grill as well. One of our favorites here at CSA365 is a melon salsa (pictured above)!  Remove the seeds from the center, slice, and serve.

  • Storage-

Farmer Jamie mentions frequently in the summer that her melons are picked “falling off the vine” ripe. Be sure to eat your melon the day you pick up your share or cut it up and place the juicy goodness in your fridge.

  • Nutrition- Potassium, Magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C, K, B6, B5, folate

Honeydew is the light green melon pictured above with the orange cantaloupe

Here it is in a refreshing melon salsa!


Recipes Using Honeydew

Melon Salsa

A quick and fresh way to enjoy that extra summer melon. This salsa is sweet and spicy in all the right places, and quite easy to make your own. Feel free to play with the flavors depending on which of these melons and herb combos you have on hand, and enjoy!

Prosciutto Wrapped Melon, Melon Salad, Melon Cubes

Three recipes for your cantaloupes, honeydews and casabas. If making the wrapped melon, grab some thinly sliced prosciutto. If making the melon salad, grab a lime and some ginger, or puree into ice cubes for some refreshing treats in your summer beverages.