Ingredient: Watermelon

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  • Description-

Watermelon is most commonly red with black seeds but the flesh can also be yellow, white, or pink. Watermelon is crisp and refreshing, made of 92% water

  • Preparation-

Watermelon is most commonly enjoyed as is. It can also be juiced, pureed, and it makes a great sorbet!

  • Storage-

Store cut watermelon in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic, it should keep for about 3 days. Uncut watermelon can keep for about 2 weeks. 

  • Nutrition-

vitamin A and C, excellent for hydration



I wanted to provide a quick option for those that are off-put by the seeds.


Here is a Springdell-grown watermelon in all it’s glory. Note the large flux capacitor-shaped center (again, dating myself) and it’s lack of seeds in that entire inner circle. This is a good place to start mining for large seed-free pieces. Here is how:


First, cut your melon lengthwise top to bottom with the stem representing the top).


Next, cut it into quarters, again using the stem as your guide for where the top is.


Look at all that undisturbed pink in the middle. No seeds there!


You are now primed to remove the largest seed-free chunks of the melon by cutting just above the seed line.  This simultaneously exposes the main line of seeds so that they are quite easy to remove quickly and carefully using the tip of your knife.


These pieces never stick around long. I couldn’t keep my three year-old’s hand out of the picture long enough to take this photo. He is forever immortalized in cyberspace as a watermelon thief. (Truth be told, if I didn’t have the camera in my hands, it would have been my mitts hovering over that plate).

Recipes Using Watermelon

Watermelon Mint Refresher

This is a great summer drink. All of the ratios are to your liking so make it as sweet or tart as you’d like. You can even add an adult twist if you’d like!

Melon Salsa

A quick and fresh way to enjoy that extra summer melon. This salsa is sweet and spicy in all the right places, and quite easy to make your own. Feel free to play with the flavors depending on which of these melons and herb combos you have on hand, and enjoy!