Ingredient: Shaved Steak, Sandwich Steak

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Recipes Using Shaved Steak, Sandwich Steak

Beef and Pepper Potatoes

This recipe calls for roasted red peppers. If you have some prepped, the rest is easy! If not, just make sure your work that part into your time frame. There’s a bonus asparagus salad recipe listed in this post also, if you happen to have asparagus on hand.

Shanghai Noodles

It’s fast, it’s furious, and utterly scrumptious. Sirloin Tips, Flank Steak, or other Stir-Fryable cut, sliced into thin pieces and cooked will work with this. Precooked tofu, chicken or pork also work great in this recipe, along with a variety of veggies. A great one to make your own!

Beef Pepper Steak Subs

Sandwich steaks, a little thicker than shaved steaks, are killer on a home made sub roll tossed with fresh peppers and onion. Serve without the bread for a paleo option.